What is a non surgical face lift?

Nowadays, the desire to retain a youthful facial appearance is popular across both genders and an extended age range. Whilst some people are prepared to visit a surgeon to achieve this, there is an effective alternative for those who don’t wish to go under the knife. This facelift without surgery is known principally as a non surgical face lift. Other terms for referring to it include microcurrent treatment, facial toning and non-surgical facelifting.

With Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé, you can benefit from the best facials in London and expert non surgical facelifts that are carried out by a team of fully trained, experienced professionals and enjoyed by clients on a daily basis.

Improve your complexion

These treatments are ideal if you wish to combat the visible signs of ageing as well as improving the complexion of your face and in general, restore the beauty of your natural skin. At Lisa Franklin, we can carry out a non surgical facelift to your individual desires, tailoring to your current skin condition and focusing on a specific concern, if you have one.

A commonly chosen non invasive facelift package available at Lisa Franklin Privé is the renowned CACI non surgical facelift. This treatment uses microcurrent technology, pinching and stimulating the facial muscles which firm up over time. The re-educating of the muscles with a high frequency current will give a more youthful appearance.

 Benefits of choosing non surgical facelift UK

Whilst people generally know that facial treatments will reduce the visible signs of ageing, they may not be aware of the vast benefits they will encounter after having a non surgical facelift.

Choosing a facial treatment will smooth and tone any visible wrinkles as well as restoring the health and beauty of your natural skin. If you are having a non surgical facelift to attend to certain concerns, if you choose all the additional extras, the procedure will also reduce inflammation and lighten pigmentation to leave you with a healthy, radiant glow.

On top of feeling the benefits after the treatment, you can enjoy yourself and relax in luxury whilst you’re receiving a non surgical facelift.

CACI lift with Lisa Franklin

The CACI non surgical facelift offered by Lisa Franklin skin professionals: CACI or computer aided cosmetology instrument can perform a relaxing electronic non surgical facelift that works by toning muscles using microcurrent technology to smooth the face and prevent sagging.

Other procedures that the CACI can carry out include ultrasonic peeling, microdermabrasion and LED light treatment. The LED treatment combines both Blue and Red LED light to increase collagen, reduce wrinkles and decrease acne.

A wide variety of procedures

If you think you would benefit from a non surgical face lift, we recommend that you come for a consultation which will allow our team of skin experts to establish the best course of action. There are a number of additional facial services that may be appropriate to complete prior to the non surgical treatment, these could include exfoliation, hydration and oxygen infusion.

The bespoke packages Lisa Franklin provide are individually tailored to include the optimum range of services that enable the client to achieve their desired goal

Our trained skincare professionals can give you a facelift without surgery that rejuvenates your facial appearance. They will also use products that contain a blend of plant extracts and effective active ingredients that your skin will love.

If you would like to arrange a non surgical facelift with Lisa Franklin or enquire about our other treatments, please contact us on 0207 7520217.