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We touched upon previously how skin regularly experiences inevitable exposure to environmental pollution and that harmful biochemical reactions occur within the skin that lead to the production of cell damaging Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), one of the major sources of oxidative stress.

UV and sugar consumption dramatically speed up the ageing process as a result of photo-ageing and a non-enzymatic reaction, glycation. Collagen and elastin, two major components of the extracellular matrix (ECM) of human tissue that help maintain skin firmness and its youth appearance, are highly vulnerable to UV stress and glycation reactions.

Antioxidants have the ability to quench free radicals caused by the environment and sugar consumption before they damage skin. The first defence against free radicals is to use antioxidants found naturally in the body, provided by a healthy diet. Unfortunately, as we age, the amount of natural antioxidants decreases, so applying topical skincare products containing antioxidants is key in the fight against free radical skin damage.