Luminescent Base


Luminescent Base


A mattifying serum that illuminates, protects and creates a perfect base for makeup

Photoluminescent Diamond particles reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while light-reflective crystals from Rose Quartz illuminate the skin.

A unique combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac root aid long term hydration and plump the skin surface for a smoothed more even complexion.

Nutrient rich botanical extracts stimulate skin biomechanical function to improve firmness and reduce redness and irritation.

A bioactive complex reduces the amount of Ultra-violet radiation from penetrating the skin and supports a rapid regeneration of cells following sun exposure.

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The Luminescent Base in our Pro-Effect range is a unique formulation which unlocks your natural beauty. Awarded the Women’s Health Best Primer 2016 and Editors choice 2018 and a Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark for social and environmental sustainability, the Luminescent Base is a unique multifunctional product with the benefit of being a makeup primer and anti-ageing serum in one, using an advanced scientific formula.

Masterfully blending the worlds of skincare and makeup the Luminescent Base it's formula combines rare precious metals, minerals and botanical extracts to illuminate, restore and energise skin - boosting radiance and diminishing imperfections.

Suitable for all skin types, both men and women. 

 Key benefits of the Luminescent Base:

  • Improves skin radiance and skin protection through active ingredients which aid stem cell and DNA protection
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and blemishes through the use of photo luminescent diamond powders
  • Wrinkle blurring actives enhance skin texture with a smooth silky surface.
  • Reduces inflammation, rosacea and soothes sensitive skin
  • Firms and Instantly tightens the skin whilst minimising overall pore size
  • Plumps skin from the inside out
  • prevents damage caused by free radicals and repairs the skins lipid barrier function

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