How to beat dull winter skin

Following on from last week's post on Lisa's 5 Favourite Anti-Aging Products, and as we battle through to the end of the bleakest month of the year, we thought it might be timely to fill you in on some easy ways to beat dull winter skin.

You know those days where you drag yourself out of bed and peer bleary eyed into the mirror only to see an older greyer version of yourself? Well, get set to eliminate that image and find yourself bouncing out of your boudoir looking fab, brimming with inner confidence and ready to meet the challenges of the day with a smile... and all because we can perk up your dull winter skin with these simple steps.


First up try a skin detox

Most people in the New Year seek to detox their body after the indulgent eating and drinking over the holidays but this is also the perfect time to look after your skin. The rich food and cold weather can be a lot more damaging in drying your skin out than you think, so hydration is important. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will help rid your skin and other organs of many toxins leaving you with a more radiant glow. Tap water can also add to skin dryness when washing your face due to a heavy-metal residue. I recommend doing a clay mask at least once a week which will pull any impurities towards the skin’s surface that can then be washed away when the mask is removed.

Secondly, make some time for regular facials.

Fine lines begin to appear more defined and pronounced in the winter. The answer is to have regular maintenance facials tailored to your current skin condition. Adapt your skincare regime, and if required take the necessary advice to ensure the products you use achieve the maximum protection against the winter weather. Check out this article in Positive Luxury this week where Ronan Keating picked a Lisa Franklin signature facial as one of his ideal Valentine's gifts for his lovely wife Storm.

Click here for the range of facials we offer in the clinic.

Finally keep on top of your cleansing routine.


Wash twice daily with a cosmeceutical cleanser and look out for products containing Vitamin C, this will help to boost the skins defence against the environmental stress. We love the AlumierMD products which you can find here.

Follow these simple steps along with embracing good nutrition and a little exercise in your daily routine and this will help feed your skin from within and promote good skin health.   

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