Lisa's Skincare Flight Essentials

If you're busy making plans to flit these freezing shores and head for sunnier climes, or even getting set to hit the slopes and air travel is on your radar this upcoming half term, then we have some great skincare flight essentials which Lisa recommends for those long or short haul flights.


Lisa always carries her award-winning Pro-Effect Luminescent Base in her carry-on flight bag - not only a perfect fit for your in flight size allowance, it also ensures you get the very best of intelligent skin protection during a flight.


If it's a long haul flight you'll also find a few sachets of travel sized Skinade in her bag. This fabulous elixir feeds the skin from within and ensures you are getting all the necessary micronutrients delivered to your body which helps rebuild the collagen matrix in your skin.

For other in-flight beauty tricks try Yon-Ka Lait Nettoyant - it works as a dream for a quick cleanse before you head to the skies. Whilst Alumier MD have some amazing eye rescue pads which work a treat just before landing. 

Add to your list drinking plenty of water during the flight to keep hydrated and a quick slick of Image Skincare Ormedic lip balm at take off and landing and you will be fully skincare prepped for your flight.



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