Lisa's 5 Top Tips For Sensitive Skin

Having and maintaining beautiful skin is a continuous task. There are few who are born with glowing skin but for the rest of us, especially those with delicate skin, we need to put in the hard work. When caring for delicate skin the key is to restore the delicate lipid barrier function, which is the skin's barrier protecting it from external damage. There are some great products on the market for this like those containing key ingredients such as Bilberry Seed Oil. But for other tips on maintaining a happy healthy complexion here are 5 easy steps to consider if you are in the Sensitive Skin category.


1. Sensitive skin, unfortunately, does not react well with all types of ingredients that are present in products. Lisa advises the importance of understanding the ingredients in products you purchase to avoid any reactions which can occur after use. Speak to a specialist if you have sensitive skin so they can guide you in respect of the right products to use and ingredients to avoid.  A skin test is also a good starting point -  apply a small amount on your skin from a sample, (not the face), over a 48 hour period then check for any skin reaction.

2. Moisturise your skin - Having a healthy skin care regime is very important for all skin types, especially the delicate skin types that requires water to be locked in to prevent it from drying. When choosing products look for ingredients such as Aloe, Frankincense, Rose Quartz and Hinokitiol, all these ingredients are anti-inflammatory and perfect for delicate skin. Products which are fragrance-free and alcohol-free are also helpful.

Pro-Effect Luminescent Base  is great for sensitive skin.

Pro-Effect Luminescent Base is great for sensitive skin.


3. Watch what you eat - check your diet and keep a log of any foods which cause skin reactions and avoid them.  A diet rich in antioxidants including Vitamin A, C and E help the skin maintain a healthy condition. Healthy eating habits flush out toxins and help to promote glowing skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated, this is especially important for those with delicate skin, which can dehydrate very easily.

4. Keep it simple - Delicate skin is easily overwhelmed so it is best to keep your everyday skincare products simple: Try a gentle cleanser, daily moisturiser with SPF and a speciality serum that protects delicate skin types. Also when you're cleansing your skin a gentle approach is always a winner - use warm water and pat your skin dry, don't try to rub or over-stimulate it. Again seek advice from a skin specialist who can provide a step by step guide using the right products for your concern. 

5. Irritable skin is often over-sensitive to the sun. Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen all year round, looking specifically for those with physical filters such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are less likely to cause a reaction than chemical filters, like oxybenzone, octylcrylene, and octinoxate.

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