Thanksgiving Thoughts from Lisa Franklin


With lots of our friends celebrating Thanksgiving this week, we thought we'd take time out to ask Lisa to fill us in on a few of the things she might be thankful for this Holiday season. Whether you celebrate this weekend or not, it's sometimes a great idea to take a moment or two at this time of year to reflect on life and put your journey into perspective. Here's what Lisa shared... why not have a go at answering the questions yourself this week?

What do you feel most grateful for at this time of year?

LF: I feel most grateful for being part of an industry that I am extremely passionate about, making a difference and supporting people improving their skin health through shared knowledge and next generation ingredients.

Who are you thankful to have in your life?

LF: My husband, friends and family and the whole Lisa Franklin team that keep me sane and provide the Love Light Energy.

What places do you feel most grateful for?

LF: Home is where the heart is… for me anywhere there’s heart feels like a home, that could be the home, clinic a friends place, no matter where it is if it feels like home, I am grateful.

What brings beauty to your life?

LF:  Discovering new amazing natural ingredients that offer wonderful skincare benefits, even though wo(man) has been on the earth for a long time we are still discovering what the natural world can offer our health and wellbeing and that excites me. 

So whether you are settling down for a big old turkey day feast, or simply soldiering on through your usual daily routine, take a few minutes to contemplate how far you've come and who amongst your family, friends and colleagues you are most grateful for.

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