5 Minutes with Vita Liberata Founder Alyson Hogg


As the Holidays can also be the perfect time for that winter sun getaway, we thought we'd take the chance to have a chat to one of our favourite people when it comes to prepping for travel (or indeed the festive party season) the lovely Alyson Hogg, founder of Vita Liberata.

We love the VIta Liberata range in the clinic as it's the best non-toxic, odourless, organic and paraben free product on the market. So we asked Alyson all about her journey to create her award-winning brand and also quiz her on a few other beauty industry thoughts.


What made you get in to the beauty industry? 

My mother suffered terribly from psoriasis, so I have always been curious as to how we make better, longer lasting topical remedies for skin conditions. It was a short move from there to  creating beauty products that would make a real difference to confidence and therefore quality of life. For super pale girls with translucent skin, tanning products that offer a truly natural glow easily fall into that category. 

vita liberata

Best beauty memory?

As a little girl watching my mum put her ‘face on’ in the bathroom mirror. I thought her the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Favourite beauty trends?

At the moment it’s a light, bronze, smokey eye.  It’s a lighter look that works with all skin tones and is perfect for the festive season.  I find that our Trystal loose powder works beautifully for this look.

What or who inspires you?
I am totally inspired by those who must fight against the physical odds, and who will not be destroyed by fate. In particular, a young blogger called Nick Santo (@nicksanto534), and a mother who suffered 60-degree burns. 

A product you can’t be without?
I can’t narrow it down to one: Vita Liberata Peptide Mist, Vita Liberata Body Blur, and YSL lip gloss! 


With thanks to Alyson for our interview. If you'd like to try some Vita Liberata products we have included this fab brand as part of our Advent Gifting season over on Instagram. Hop over here to see our daily offers leading up to Christmas @lisafranklinuk. The Vita Liberata one runs on December 23rd  - perfect timing for the festive fun ahead.