Ask The Experts... Dealing with breakouts

I don't know about you, but I'm still prone to the odd breakout no matter how good my skincare regimen is. It also doesn't seem to matter that my teen spotty years are a few decades in the past - those pesky zits can still pop up to ruin your day. So this week on the Lisa Loves blog we thought we'd check in with our resident skincare expert, Lisa Franklin, to see how to deal with breakouts.

Lisa notes that first up, there are different types of sudden breakouts as our skin is continuously under pressure from the elements such as sun exposure and even from applying skincare products that contain irritating ingredients. 

Hormonal imbalances can also manifest and cause breakouts too generally to the lower jaw and chin area. Food intolerances are also responsible and tend to centre around the forehead area and so too are environmental allergens which normally see breakouts occur on the cheeks.

Lisa also recommends that the first step to take when dealing with a sudden breakout is to always thoroughly cleanse the skin with gentle products. Make an appointment with a professional Facialist who will use techniques to reduce infections and promote faster healing through treatments such as LED light therapy and High-Frequency. A good skincare expert will also be able to advise on suitable products and an approach to prevent further breakouts from occurring.

Treating skin gently is the key to a healthy radiant complexion. Avoid harsh ingredients such as Alcohol, Benzalkonium chloride and Menthoxypropanediol.

LED Light therapy and High-Frequency treatments will kill the bacteria on the skin and speed up healing process without damaging the surface of your skin.

Lisa adds that her general advice would be to adopt a healthy lifestyle as this does result in better skin. Everyone's skin is unique and the general condition of your skin can change regularly but your lifestyle can have a considerable effect. Drinking plenty of water will flush out toxins, eating a healthy fresh diet, cutting down on dairy and alcohol, exercise in the fresh air, and adopting a healthy skincare regime will all help to reduce breakouts, it may seem obvious but it does work, so too does ensuring you regular clean your makeup brushes, you would be surprised how much unclean makeup brushes contribute to regular breakouts.

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