Hand and lip care tips in time for Spring

So the weather is warming up and it's time to leave the gloves at home and start breaking out all that transitional spring wear. But if like me, you are suddenly looking down at the hands of an aged crone, not to mention how your lips are constantly dry and chapped, it's time to step in with some restorative action.


First up it's time to start amping up your moisturising regimen. We are all pretty adept at concentrating on the face, but hands and lips could do with a little TLC too to see them safely into the new season. Lisa recommends a super hydrating lotion by Argentum called La Potion Infinie. It's considered to be at the cutting edge of anti-aging solutions due to its pattented use of two vital ingredients and is lightweight but heavy hitting in its delivery of results.

Another favourite product at the clinic which is great for feet but can also double up for hands, is Nuskin's Epoch Sole solution foot treatment. Epoch Sole Solution Foot treatment features crushed allspice berry (Pimenta dioica) - traditionally used by the indigenous people of Central America to relieve persistent dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes and sides of feet. So much more than a moisturiser it restores your skin to a healthy happy place.

For lips Lisa loves IMAGE Ormedic - a balancing lip enhancer complex which is designed to enhance the appearance and volumise the lip contours and it's paraben free. What's not to love about that?

Another great product for this time of year on lips is Yon-Ka Nutri Contour. A cocoon of softness with hazelnut oil, this vitamin-rich comforting cream nourishes the eyes and lip contours, preventing dryness and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.  

For a finishing touch to your lips, you could also try one of Delilah Cosmetic's colour intense cream lipsticks or lipglosses. These are also paraben free and dermatologically tested. Colour intense is a luxury lipstick formulation which provides a soft, creamy feel with a silky matte effect. It is enriched with spherical polymers that provide a velvety feeling for easy glide-on application and vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant. It really does melt onto your lips and lasts for hours without giving you that drying feeling.

If you need some more advice on any aspect of your skin care regime why not head to the clinic for a consult?

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