A little of what you fancy does you good... Nutricoa Chocolates

nutricoa chocolate at the lisa franklin skincare clinic

This Easter weekend we're planning on having a sweet treat or two, but being mindful of how easy it is to fall into the bad-for-you food camp, we're sticking to our tried and tested favourite treat Nutricoa chocolates.

If you haven't heard about Nutricoa before, we love them at the clinic and it's all about high cocoa content chocolates which are also actually good for you. These delicious treats are made with fine flavour Colombian cocoa beans and are sweetened with honey not sugar. They also only have 90 calories per portion  - huzzah!

nutricoa chocolate at the lisa franklin skincare clinic

The other amazing thing about Nutricoa is that it's actually packed full of other good stuff which sort out our well-being at the same time. We all know chocolate is a mood booster, but Nutricoa also has other active ingredients to make us look and feel good. There's collagen boosting Peptan, Vitamins A, C, B2 and Biotin as well as Calcium and superfoods such as turmeric, beetroot and saffron extract. All that in a small bar packs a mighty healthy punch

For more info on Nutricoa why not pop into the clinic or give us a call.




We're also super excited to be collaborating with award-winning lifestyle blogger Sara Delaney from Notes From a Stylist Blog this week. We showed Sara around our local Motcomb Street Village neighbourhood recently for one of her shopping guides which was great fun to do. But we have also paired up with her to offer a luxury facial giveaway. For your chance to win this lovely pamper treat pop over to her blog to check out our guide and enter the giveaway.

Happy Easter!