Brighter skin for Spring

lisa franklin skincare

Spring has definitely sprung so it's time to start thinking about perking up our complexions to drag them kicking and screaming out of their winter hibernation to face the warmer summer months ahead. Luckily when it comes to brightening up a dull complexion we've got some handy tricks up our sleeve thanks to some of the amazing products and treatments we offer in the clinic.

Skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin and when these cells are damaged from things like the sun, hormonal changes, injury or treatment, it affects the melanin production and ultimately can cause the skin to look lighter or darker than normal. For brighter skin, we love Alumier MD Intellibright complex. It's an intensive brightening serum which helps alleviate any skin discolouration. It contains Azelic Acid, Arbutin, Kojic and Licorice which all work together to lighten any hyperpigmentation you have and also minimise the appearance of dark spots and even out your skin tone.

lisa franklin skincare
lisa franklin skincare

Another great Alumier product is the Eventone Brightening serum, which as the name suggests is great for perking up dull skin and helps build resistance to new pigment formation.

There are also some great Yon-Ka products which provide exceptional results when looking to brighten up your skin.

Yon-ka Essential White Solution Clarte is the first step for a brighter and more velvety complexion. It improves the evenness of your skin tone and reduces discolouration by soothing and hydrating the skin's deeper cells with natural sugars. At the same time, it controls the melanogenesis process to correct pigment disorders which in our book is a win-win.

Another key element of your fight against a dull and uneven complexion as well as dark spots with this brand is Yon-Ka Essential White Creme Lumiere. It's truly innovative formula features a patented and extremely efficient active ingredient, time -defying Vitamin C, which will again deeply control the melanogenesis process. It's also great for fighting anti-ageing and basically makes your skin glow with a new-found brightness which we love.

There's also Yon-Ka Essential white correcteur cible which is a localised application. It's a highly efficient targeted cream with patented C-White complex and combines the actions of vitamin C and red algae.

All of these products offer great benefits which ultimately lead to some incredible results that give long term potential. The best way to start your skin brightening journey is to pop into the Sloane Street clinic for a consultation. You can find out more on the website here. Or give us a call on  +44 (0) 207 752 0217