Men's Skincare Tips

men's skincare by lisa franklin

As we cheer the end of another successful London Fashion Week Men and also welcome Father's Day this weekend we thought we would concentrate on men's skincare tips this week. If your man is anything like mine and so way off being a metrosexual, the concept of skincare is low on the agenda, so if even a few of these tips are embraced, your man is on to a winner.

men's skincare by lisa franklin
yonka skincare

First up the simplest of tasks is to keep your face cleansed.  Lisa recommends cleansing morning and evening and loves Yon-Ka Gel Mousse. Use every morning before shaving and then again in the evening. It can also be used in the shower as a gel for those guys in a rush. After shaving try Yon-Ka Lotion YK. It refreshes, cleanses and revitalises the skin setting you up for the day.

When it comes to the big shaving dilemma - don't waste money on cheap razors... a bit like us gals and our designer duds - it pays to invest in the right products for the job.

men's skincare by lisa franklin

Exfoliating is also a great addition to the skincare regimen. It's important to use a scrub as part of weekly exfoliation to even skin tone, minimise dullness and imperfections and eliminate dead skin cells. The big plus is it will also help to reduce ingrown hairs and blackheads. Yon-Ka scrub mousse is great for this if you use it 2-3 times a week.

Beyond these basics, your routine would benefit from an eye gel for smoothing and energising the eye contour area after a long day - try Yon-Ka Gel Yeux for that, and we also love Yon-Ka Creme Barbe which is a genius shaving cream and helps prevent shaving burns. Lisa's award winning Pro-Effect Luminescent Base is also an amazing addition to your routine if you find that all this men's skincare lark is actually a thing you could stick to!

If you are still looking for Father's Day gifting ideas we have some great gift options which will give your guy a treat and will set him up on the right skincare path for the future. Check out our treatments and vouchers here.

Wishing all those Dad's out there a very Happy Father's Day this weekend.