5 Minutes with celebrity hair guru Wendy Iles

wendy iles interview for lisa franklin skincare

Favourite beauty trends?

Im very classic when it comes to makeup. I never leave home without mascara, brushed eyebrows and a lip that matches my real lip colour. I use a dab of Charlotte Tilbury concealer here and there over my Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminescent Base.

With hair, I love to wear my hair long. I trim it myself as I know exactly how I like it and of course, I’m a maniac about hair condition, hence I have Iles Formula hair care in every bathroom of my home, and travel pack when travelling.

 What or who inspires you?

I’m inspired by this movement of strong successful women that is surfacing. Through life, I have collected strong women as friends, not always successful but independent. I feel this rising up, it’s like a powerful force coming together. I wish we had more women world leaders. Our planet and our people need nurturing. That comes naturally to women. To answer your question… I’m inspired by women of today. 

If I had to name one from yesterday and of today, perhaps Queen Elizabeth. She has worked hard all her life, and never put a wrong foot forward.

A product you can’t be without?

Iles Formula Conditioner and I love your Lisa Franklin Pro-Effect Luminescent Base. I’m very faithful, once I find a great performing product I don’t waiver.

With thanks to Wendy for this fun interview. We are now stocking Iles Formula in the clinic so pop in to snap up your hair care kit.

We love associating with inspiring people and scoping out their incredible journeys, so this week we took 5 minutes out with celebrity hair guru Wendy Iles. Well known in the beauty industry, during her years of work on some of the most prestigious beauty campaigns in the hair industry and serving as a go to hairstylist to top celebrities, Wendy identified early on that she needed super charged high-performance hair care that could provide instant hair repair and visible results for celebrity clients walking the red carpet or models on global beauty campaigns.


What made you get into the beauty industry?

I wanted to be a hairdresser since 5 years of age. Being able to make someone feel wonderful about themselves is priceless. Delivering a good haircut, the perfect hairdo, the best shade of hair colour for them. I never take my work for granted, I’m always after that thrill of seeing my client happy. One of the biggest highs I get even today now that Iles Formula is born is offering someone with damaged hair a sample kit of my 3 Formulas because I know that small envelope is going to repair their hair and change their life. I don’t see the result as they often disappear out of my life with my envelope but that feeling is returned in all the positive emails I receive from users.

Best beauty memory?

Winning an Oscar at the Hollywood Beauty Awards was my very best beauty moment. All those years in beauty were rewarded with a recognition. I love that Oscar, she stands pristine and polished on my desk. 

wendy iles interview for lisa franklin skincare