Lisa Franklin's Autumn Skin Care Tips

lisa franklin skincare

Whether you're feeling it via a chill in the air, or you've got that back to school mood going on, there's definitely a switch up of seasons on the way, and with it, our resident skin care expert Lisa Franklin recommends a change in your skin care regime.

Autumn is coming and as we transition through the seasons replenishing our skin after the damaging effects of the strong Summer sun is paramount. A change in the season typically means a change in the way our skin behaves. But with just some minor tweaks to your in-clinic treatments, complementing this with targeted home care products we can ensure that your skin stays healthy during this seasonal change. 

The oil flow that takes place in the skin over the summer months is still occurring and the cooler air creates layers of dead skin cells which build up. Try a course of Vitamin A Boost treatments to counteract this. The high potency retinol resurfacing peel is perfect for sun damaged skin by strengthening the skin, improving elasticity and enhancing healthy renewal by sloughing away the build up of dead skin cells.

You might also be experiencing more dryness, breakouts and lackluster appearance including hyperpigmentation. On top of this, the skin may start to require more hydration.

Look for specialty serums with actives such as Celligent which neutralizes damaging free radicals caused by UV damage whilst encouraging cells to repair their DNA. Also look for Arbutin and Licorice Root extract which brighten the skin helping to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

lisa franklin skincare
lisa franklin skincare


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