The A-List's Secret Health & Beauty Weapon

This week on the blog we have a guest post from our friends at Lumity, an award-winning health supplement which helps with all sorts of issues from anti-ageing right through to nourishing the hair and skin - something we heartily approve of and have become fans of this year.

When Helena Christensen was shopping at Harrod's department store in London earlier this year, something caught her eye – Lumity’s anti-ageing supplements. She had heard about them working wonders for skin, hair and overall wellbeing whilst having dinner with an A-list actress friend in Los Angeles, but hadn’t yet had a chance to buy and try them for herself.  

Helena Christensen Lumity.jpg

The 48-year-old Supermodel had been taking a variety of different vitamins and her bathroom cabinet at her apartment home in Manhattan wasstuffed with little tubs packed with zinc, turmeric, Omega 3 oils as well as Vitamin D which she took in a bid to cope with the demands of juggling being a busy working mother and a jet-set lifestyle. 

lumity health supplement
lumity health supplement

After some diligent research into Cambridge University-educated Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey, PhD's clever day and night capsules, the Copenhagen, Denmark-born photographer decided to stop taking all of the other supplements she had at home and stick with just one regime – Lumity. 

And, Christensen was so impressed by the results, that she bought them for her mother, father and 100-year-old grandmother, Ketty, who now all take Lumity every day and night, before Helena agreed to become the brand’s first ever global ambassador, in June this year. 

She explained: "With my travel schedule and cross continental lifestyle, getting plenty of sleep and making healthy choices can be a challenge. With Lumity it’s easier to sustain a healthy lifestyle wherever I am."

Helena added: "I’ve been a long-time believer that the concept of outer beauty reflects inner health. Lumity has been an easy, natural way for me to nourish and restore my skin and energy from the inside out."

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Lumity is an all-natural, anti-ageing supplement which comes in an easy to swallow softgel formula that has no nasty additives or binders, just pure goodness. Containing a cocktail of amino acids, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to protect and rejuvenate the body, the key is that Lumity works in tandem with the body’s natural biorhythmic cycles to nourish and protect both inside and out. 

It’s a fact that these days we simply can’t get all we need from diet alone and if you’re feeling continually tired, stressed, sluggish and as if you’ve lost the get up and go that you had in your youth, then Lumity is the supplement for you – but they have clients who range from their early 20’s all the way up to Helena’s grandmother at 100 years old. 

Fiona Klonarides, a top beauty industry insider who heads up the highly acclaimed Beauty Shortlist Awards and handed Lumity the Editor’s Choice Award accolade this year explains:

“Lumity goes beyond the usual pharmacy supplements because of its perfectly-calibrated span of vitamins, minerals, flaxseed, COQ10 and turmeric which are in the morning capsules and then flaxseed and amino acid formula in the night capsules. 

“We also like the very generous dose of skin-protecting, mood-enhancing Vitamin D3 in here too, which essentially acts more like a hormone than a vitamin – pretty much mandatory rather than optional, especially if you live in the UK.

“And interestingly, although seeing a positive difference to your skin is probably your main priority, Lumity acts like an “anti-ager” for hair and nails, too, making it a triple beauty win”.

At first, Lumity’s clients notice a variety of different benefits as we are all so unique, some report better sleep, others might see that dry skin on their stomach or elbows has become smooth (Lumity works to treat skin all over your body, not just on your face), or perhaps their PMT eases along with hormonal breakouts and afternoon slumps, with brain fog becoming a thing of the past

The science behind the supplement certainly stacks up: In a placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study on a group of female volunteers:


87% saw positive improvements in hair, skin and nails.

84% noted improved energy, better sleep and a more positive outlook on life.

It’s no surprise that Lumity has garnered an army of celebrity fans which, as well as Helena Christensen, include: Yasmin Le Bon, Denise Van Outen, Rebecca Adlington, Kate Thornton, Michelle Heaton, Emma Forbes as well as nutritionists, doctors, facialists and make up supremos Val Garland, Mary Greenwell, Pippa Middleton’s make up artist Attracta Courtney - and many others - who have all posted about the brand on Instagram or raved about it in interviews. 



But, despite its mighty reputation, Lumity’s core group of staff is actually made up of a small six-strong “squad” who are all friends, all over 40, have taken the supplement for almost two years and are passionate about the brand: 

“Ageing rears its head in the form of low energy levels, a weaker immune system, poor quality of sleep, hormonal imbalances, low stamina. Lumity targets all of these issues and supports healthier skin at the same time, so you can really start changing the way you feel on a day-to-day basis. Improving the way customers feel and not just the way they look is what’s key for me and my team,” Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey explains. 

At £79 a month it works out at just £2.80 a day for a long-term investment in your health and how you look and feel. 

As Fiona Klonarides says: "Ditch that second big morning coffee and invest in a month's supply of Lumity Life instead.”