The Luminescent Base you will love.


If there's one thing a gal (or guy for that matter) needs in their everyday skincare and makeup armoury it's a base that delivers luxury and results in one hit. So when Lisa went about researching and formulating her very own Pro-Effect Luminescent Base, she was a stickler for detail and was determined to pack it full of high performance ingredients to make it pretty much heaven in a bottle. Fast forward to today and its a best selling award-winning product.

So let's take a deep dive into what's in this powerful beauty all rounder which has so many people singing its praises. First up its innovative and advanced scientific formula fuses four key ingredients which are Diamond particles, Rose Quartz, Platinum and Frankincense. Each of these play a vital part in delivering radiance and diminishing any imperfections you may have.


Here's how they work.

The Diamond powder converts invisible UV light to blue light (photoluminescence) and selectively scatters favourable blue and green light as the particles settle in the wrinkles on our skin. The effect is that those wrinkles decrease in appearance making the skin look more youthful as shadows, pigmentation and discolouration are also diminished.


The Rose Quartz brings energizing minerals and is also renowned for its intense healing and Anti-ageing properties. We also use Rose Quartz in our Lisa Franklin Signature Facial treatment. Whilst the Platinum particles help to increase luminosity we also love the fact that Platinum displays excellent antioxidant properties.

Then Frankincense in the form of a natural active extracted from Indian Boswellia or the Frankincense tree has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and a soothing action on sensitive and over-reactive skin types.

Nestling in amongst all these powerful ingredients the Luminescent Base also contains ultra filling spheres of sodium hyaluronate which has super-sized hydrating properties leaving the skin looking plumper as they work to plump the skin from inside out, ticking that anti-aging box again. Active ingredients and extracts like Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract target the loss of skin firmness. There are also intelligent actives for effective cell and DNA protection, Bilberry seed oil for its antioxidant properties, Wrinkle blurring actives that diminish fine lines and wrinkles. And its cushioning and second skin effect creates a perfect canvas for makeup.


This small little bottle jam-packed with beauty treats masterfully blends the worlds of skincare and makeup and is definitely our daily go-to. With new and exciting Lisa Franklin products heading our way this summer, why not try out the Luminescent Base to find out for yourself how divine it is to wear on a daily basis. You can snap up a bottle here, and it's also exclusively available at Harvey Nichols.