3 Valentine's Makeup Tips


With Valentine's day nearly upon us, you maybe thinking about prep for the big date night ahead. Apart from considering what to wear there's that age-old question of what makeup works well for such an occasion? Should you be going full coverage or opting for a more natural glowy look for a romantic vibe? Luckily our resident makeup expert here at Lisa Franklin Skincare, Rebecca has come up with 3 Valentine's makeup tips to help you with your prep.

First up for a romantic look go for a cherry colour on your lips. Also Rebecca recommends applying your lipstick with a brush for a more precise application and the right amount of product - there's nothing worse than over-doing a strong lip colour on an important date night. Ideally you should apply two layers if you are looking for a more intense colour, or simply apply one thin layer for a light tint effect.


For eyes an easy way to enhance them is to add a shimmer colour on your eyelid. Choose a gold or bronze shimmer for a warm look or a white or silver for a light/cold look. If you don't fancy having an all over eye shimmer a neat trick is to apply a light dusting under your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye, it will lift any look in an isntant.

Another easy fix is to change your bronzer to a blusher and apply on your cheek apples and blend up towards your temples for a fresh rose look. It's also to match your blusher colour with your lip colour by simply using your lipstick as a cream blusher.

So with these simple tips you can give your date night makeup routine a little boost with ease.

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