Which eyebrow shape works for your face shape?

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As eyebrows are having a bit of a moment in the beauty industry right now, we thought we'd help you figure out which eyebrow shape works best for your face shape on today's blog. Being advocates of all things natural we're big fans of enhancing and working with what you already have as opposed to using artificial methods to change the way you look. Your eyebrows can definitely change the look of your entire face so it's important to consider their shape.

A bit like buying the right glasses for your face shape, getting the most out of the focus point of the eyebrows is all about using lines and angles to blend your look to its best advantage. To figure out where your brows should start and finish, rest a brow pencil from the outer edge of your nose and point it up towards the inner corner of your eye - where the tip of your pencil rests - make a mark there - this is your eyebrow natural start point. For the natural finish point rest the pencil again by the outer edge of your nose and take the end to the outer corner of your eye - again where the tip of the pencil rests - this is where your eyebrow should finish.

For long faces (which you can determine by checking if the lower part of your face from the middle of your nose downwards is longer than the top half), a flat shape eyebrow with very little arch helps to realign the horizontal of your face and shorten the extra length of the lower half.

lisa franklin skincare
lisa franklin skincare

For round shape faces (which is where your face is almost as wide as it is long) you are looking to counteract the spherical look and avoid rounded edges. Think sharp, precise angles to elongate the face when working on your brow shape. To soften the brows after shaping with a pencil fill in with a little powder.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a well-proportioned oval face - think soft angles, moderate arch and well-proportioned features, you need to think about finishing your brows with a slight horizontal edge.

For square face shapes (where your forehead, cheeks and jaw are all about the same width) you need to be thinking about creating a statement brow to add softness to your strong bone structure. Use a brow pencil to enhance the peak at the top of your brow - the stronger your jawline the more you can play with the strength of your brows.

Finally, for heart-shaped faces (where your forehead is prominent and your chin is quite pointy) you are looking to soften and balance your face angles with your brow shape. Think low arches with more volume to make a statement on the upper half of your face counterbalancing the strong angles at the bottom of your face.

For the actual shaping or enhancing of a brow, use a pencil. Fill in your brow from the start from above the inner corner of the eye with light small strokes for a natural result. Make sure to work the upper shape of the brow and not the lower to lift the look. This prevents your eyelid from looking heavy. Also be careful when filling in the inner corner of your eye, too dark a colour will give you an angry look. Finish up by brushing through your brow with a spoolie for a natural finish.

lisa franklin skincare
lisa franklin skincare

If you are plucking your brows it's always a good idea to remove hair under the brow and make sure you review it as you go by taking a step back to make sure you don't overdo it. Try to avoid plucking any hair above the brow to prevent your eyelids looking heavy. 

For fair hair which sometimes means less dominant eyebrows we also love a tinted brow gel which is fab for giving your brows more tint and definition. It works in the same way as a mascara, simply brush your hairs up and out to lift your look and open up your eye area. If you don't want to spend time filling in your eyebrows in the morning, simply ask your skin specialist to tint your brows at your next appointment.

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