What about skin type?


We know the world of skincare can be a very confusing place, with loads of scientific words and products being bandied around, and before you've even started investigating it people are asking you what skin type you are.

It is good to have an understanding your general skin type, but your skin's condition can change with some regularity. It's often affected by diet, lifestyle and environmental pollutants.  It's a great idea to seek professional help from a skincare expert from the outset who will guide you and provide advice on the most suitable skincare solutions for your skin's current condition.  To help we have listed the main skin types and their characteristics; 


Normal - Another word for a normal skin is a well-balanced skin. A normal skin has fine pores, good blood circulation, a soft and smooth texture with little or no blemishes. 

Oily- The skin looks shiny, with many blackheads and spots, and you can see visible pores on the surface of the skin. Oily skin is caused by the overproduction of sebum, which can be caused by hormonal changes, unsuitable products, insufficient cleansing, certain medications and stress. If this sounds like your skin type you should introduce oil-free moisturisers to your skincare regime to get your skin looking its best.

Dry - The skin can feel tight, rough and dull looking. Your skin is producing less sebum, the skin’s natural moisturiser. A lack of Amino and Lactic acid which help to bind water in the skin can be a cause dry skin. 

Combination - If you have combination skin you will see characteristics of both oily and dry skin types. Usually, an oily T zone and a dry cheek area is a good sign. Again, you should use oil-free moisturisers for the best skin care results.


Sensitive - The skin will irritate easily, turning red with changes in temperature or with emotions. Oxygen facial treatments are especially good if you have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate other facials. In addition, oxygen facial treatments are highly effective when treating skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. 

No matter what your type, skin needs to be cleansed and hydrated both day and night as the foundation to great skincare and aid improvements in skin health and condition, along with choosing the right products for your skin concern and condition too. Our Pro-Effect Luminescent Base is a great all rounder for any skin type, but we are also excited to be welcoming a whole new stable of anti-pollution Lisa Franklin products in the summer for both men and women, so watch this space for more news on the right LF product for your skin type

Meanwhile, If you would like some more personalised advice on your skin type why not pop into the clinic for a quick consultation. We are conveniently based in the heart of Knightsbridge at 186 Sloane Street. Give us a call on 020 77520217