Why retinol is your best anti-ageing ally


If you're looking for a product which can work some magic when it comes to anti-ageing in your skincare regime, you need to take a look at Retinol. Although early incarnations of Retinol products have received a bad press, with reports of skin irritation making many of us now approach retinoids with trepidation. In reality, Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A, which regulates cell turnover creating youthful skin in both its appearance and function - and, let's face it who doesn't love youthful skin?

As part of our constant battle with anti-ageing, the beauty of using retinol products is that it helps tighten your pores, regulates oil production and also improves any acne breakouts you may experience. Retinol products are amazing at promoting the synthesis of collagen and so improving your skin's elasticity. Making it part of your regular regimen will improve the texture of your skin as it increases skin hydration.

Another rather useful benefit of using retinol is that it has an antioxidant effect, preventing the decrease of certain beneficial enzymes during oxidative stress and prevents hyperkeratinization which means your skin cell turnover improves along the way.

The benefit we all know and love relating to retinol is its vital work in improving the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles. 

In terms of application, our own Night Renew Treatment which is launching in June includes a next generation, advanced form of Retinol offering all the above benefits with minimum or no irritation. For more information on our new products take a peek here.


Finally, don't forget to use your retinol product topically on the skin mainly at night to avoid inducing pigmentation from sun exposure. But if you do use it in the day make sure you apply a good broad spectrum SPF before stepping outside.

For more info on how to use retinol products to best effect for your skin type and your skincare regime, why not pop in for a consultation at our Knightsbridge clinic, give us a call on (0)20 7752 0217