What is Kakadu plum

They are little green fruits found exclusively in the northern territories of Australia. They are classed as a superfood and considered a gift by locals for their wide-ranging benefits.


Why did you decide to use Kakadu Plum extract extensively across the Pro-Effect range

Kakadu plum has 100 x more concentration of Vitamin C than an orange. It’s a very powerful antioxidant, which is key to overall skin health by supporting collagen synthesis, boosting skin luminosity and smoothing skin tone. It's also farmed in a very socially, environmentally responsible way, which is very important to me.


Tell us more about this

The ripe fruit is hand-harvested by a small team of collectors who move between trees on foot, careful not to cause damage to the natural environment. Importantly, the harvesting is carried out by local indigenous people, ensuring a much-needed economic return for the local communities living in these remote locations. The team is managed by an experienced horticulturist. The hand-harvesting procedures involve picking ripe fruit accessible from ground level and gently shaking the tree to drop ripe fruit then collecting it from under the tree. Only healthy trees are harvested, preferably in high-density areas that exhibit high quantities of fruit. A maximum of 50% of each trees’ fruit is harvested at any one time.