Taking Care of Your Skin During Winter

Whilst the Winter months brings with it lots of excitement for festive activities such as work parties, The Spirit of Christmas at Olympia, Christmas Day and New Years Parties – it can also bring with it many issues for our skin. 

Harsher and colder climates, late nights, lack of sun and dry indoor air can leave the skin looking a little lacklustre with many of us suffering from breakouts, flaky skin or added redness and sensitivity. Caring for your skin during winter requires a little more attention, care and time to ensure a healthy year round glow. 

So here’s our 5 Top Tips to beat the Winter Skin Blues and keep skin glowing:

Keep Moisturised

The key to healthy skin is keeping it hydrated. Moisturising morning and evening is of paramount importance in order to protect skin against the colder days. I would recommend our Pollution Defence Cream – a rich, luxurious nutritional cream that hydrates, repairs and protects against environmental pollutants. It works to promote the skins natural lifting properties and aids hydration to revive the skin whilst fighting against harmful pollutants such as ER & UV.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Given the shorter winter days you may be tempted to cut sunscreen out of your daily routine. But even winter sun can be causing damage to your skin. Sunscreen is the ultimate skincare tip to avoid early ageing or skin cancers. Our Sol-Protect Sunscreen in SPF30 is a hydrating, antioxidant-rich formula with a light texture to provide invisible every day protection. It also comes in a gorgeous tinted formula which provides added glow whilst creating a natural make-up look.

Take Extra Care

As the months change, so does your skin. What once worked for you may not in the Winter months. You may want to reconsider products or your routine. You might find added irritations or stresses. 

Our Skin Specialists provide digital or in-clinic Skin Consultations to address and diagnose your concerns. Together you can create a tailored and bespoke action plan to ensure all year round glowing skin. 

Use Overnight Treatments or Layer Up

Overnight treatments are the perfect way to pamper your skin and restore overall health and appearance. 

Our Night Renew Treatment is a powerful anti-ageing retinol treatment that regenerates and restores radiance. This wonder product contains advanced vitamin A complex and antioxidants to reduce the appearance of fine lines and winkles improving overall texture and tone. 

Pair with our Award-Winning Serums depending on your overall skin concern or goal to secure amazing results. 

Consider Professional Skin Treatments

Winter means it gets darker quicker and less sunlight which can often leave skin looking dull. I would recommend a professional facial about every 3-4 weeks. This is how long it takes your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth. Regular skin maintenance will keep your skin clean, hydrated and glowing throughout the colder months.