Lisa Franklin, best facials in London

At the Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé we treat women and men of all ages and ethnicities so we are well versed in catering for a diverse skin range. The condition of your skin can change regularly, affected by diet, lifestyle and environmental stress. We therefore treat your skin condition and skin concern.

Our philosophy is all about blending many years of experience and understanding of the skin with the most advanced cosmeceutical products available to care for and treat your skin in a preventative way, without the use of harsh chemicals or treatment downtime.



Our Skincare lines are developed by Scientists, dermatologists, and leading industry professionals and deliver exceptional results. Our Skin Specialists are trained to the highest level, ensuring the experience you receive is one of true luxury.

Lisa Franklin has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for our commitment to ensuring all our skincare is free of parabens, aluminum and petroleum, the use of entirely recyclable packaging and sourcing natural raw materials from sustainable ecosystems. Powered by Positive Luxury, the Butterfly Mark offers wordless reassurance that Lisa Franklin is a brand to trust.


We believe everyone can achieve beautiful, healthy glowing skin

Strictly by appointment only