Why You Should be Using Retinol/Retinoids

Why You Should be Using Retinol/Retinoids

Vitamin A

If you’re looking for an ingredient which can work some magic when it comes to fines lines, wrinkles and treating acne including scarring, look no further than Retinol and Retinoids – they can even decrease the effects of UV induced skin damage, so they really are an anti-ageing, anti-acne ally.

But, whats the difference between Retinol and Retinoids?

Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that are converted into retinoic acid for use in skincare and is essentially a catch all term for both over-the-counter retinol and prescription retinoids.

Retinol is different from prescription retinoids on a molecular level and are mainly found in over-the-counter products, and tend to contain a much lower concentration of the active retinoic acid.

Although early incarnations of Retinol products received a bad press the evolution of slow release delivery systems there is little to no risk of irritation even on the most sensitive of skins, if you choose the right product.

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In our Night Renew Treatment we use Granactive Retinoid which is one of the most bio-available, which basically means your body is able to use it efficiently. Slowly released in a low irritating delivery system it provides a clinical level of 1%. which is an ultra effective level.

Retinol products are amazing at promoting the synthesis of collagen and so improving your skin’s elasticity. Making it part of your regular routine is a must to improve the texture of your skin as it increases skin hydration. Another rather useful benefit is its antioxidant effect, preventing the decrease of certain beneficial enzymes during oxidative stress and preventing keratinization which means your skin cell turnover improves along the way.

In terms of application, If you’ve just started using retinol, your skin will be more sensitive as it adapts, so we recommend avoiding direct sun exposure and make sure you apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher before stepping out.

Give your skin time: It can take several weeks before you start seeing any significant improvement in skin condition, especially if your primary skin concern is acne or uneven texture. It can take longer to treat pigmentation or the signs of ageing, so although its an amazing ingredient be patient and dedicated and results will come.