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clinic privé

Our private clinic on Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, London.


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Effective, responsible and kind in every way. We create innovative skincare solutions to improve skin health and condition.

We have a strong focus on the sustainability and the preservation of natural resources. We are powered by the Positive Luxury butterfly mark for this commitment.

The natural ingredients found in our products come from ethical sources and are produced in a number of ways. Beyond organic, some are harvested from the areas in which the grow, with others cultivated using high tech methods to produce our plant based active ingredients. Only a very small amount of plant tissue is needed – a leaf, a flower or a seed. Free from pollutants the plant cells are grown in sterile conditions and are Non GMO.

We also use some carefully selected lab synthesised actives and peptides that encourage natural processes to improve skin health.


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Read about the effects of air pollution and electromagnetic radiation on skin health and how our skincare products can neutralise the harmful effects.