Sagging Skin & Laxity

SkinPen Precision Microneedling

Revive Remodel Reveal – SkinPen Precision – This treatment comfortably resurfaces the skin and safely creates and remodels Collagen.

Morpheus8 Treatment

Morpheus8 is a non-surgical facial and body contouring treatment that utilises a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) energy.

Define Evoke Chin & Cheek

Evoke Radiofrequency – Delivers bipolar radio frequency at optimum level consistently like never before in any device. Non-invasive hands-free applicators remodel and transform the shape and contours of the face, neck and jawline to leave you looking more toned, youthful and defined.

Rejuvenate Facial

Rejuvenate – Endosphères Therapy – featuring Endosphères Therapy EVA. A facial for complete facial rejuvenation. Works to ensure tone, elasticity and shape whilst evening complexion and tackling dark circles and under eye bags.

Skin Contour Ultimate Facelift

Signature Contour – The Ultimate Trilogy of Facelift, Shape & Tone – Evoke, SkinPen and Dermlaux Tri-Wave MD. A complete non-invasive facelift and remodelling treatment.

Sagging Skin and laxity

One of the most visible signs of ageing is sagging skin and laxity. As collagen production declines and elastin fibers weaken, our skin loses its firmness and resilience. However, the good news is here at Lisa Franklin we provide non-invasive cosmetic treatments that offer effective solutions to address sagging skin.

Understanding Sagging Skin and Laxity

Sagging skin can be attributed to various factors, including ageing, genetics, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices.

Collagen and elastin are both proteins found in the extracellular matrix of connective tissues in the human body, providing structural support and elasticity to various tissues like skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. As we age the production of collagen and elastin slows down but what are they and what are there function.


Collagen is a fibrous protein consisting of three polypeptide chains wound together in a helical structure. These chains are rich in amino acids such as glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which contribute to the stability and strength of collagen.


Collagen serves as a structural framework, providing tensile strength to tissues. It is particularly abundant in the skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments. The triple helical structure of collagen molecules forms a strong, rope-like structure that resists stretching.


Collagen synthesis occurs within cells called fibroblasts. The precursor to collagen, procollagen, is formed inside the cells and then secreted into the extracellular space. Once outside the cell, enzymes remove the extra amino acid sequences from procollagen, allowing collagen fibers to spontaneously assemble and cross-link.

Role in Tissues

In tissues like skin, collagen fibers provide resistance to stretching forces, maintaining the structural integrity of the skin. Collagen is also a key component in wound healing, forming a scaffold for new tissue growth.


 Elastin is a highly elastic protein made up of tropoelastin molecules. Tropoelastin contains regions of hydrophobic amino acids, which contribute to its elasticity. Cross-linking of elastin molecules occurs through a process called desmosine and isodesmosine formation.


Elastin imparts elasticity to tissues, allowing them to stretch and recoil. It is present in tissues that need to undergo repeated stretching, such as the skin, lungs, and blood vessels. Elastin allows these tissues to return to their original shape after being stretched.


Similar to collagen, elastin is synthesised by fibroblasts. Tropoelastin is secreted into the extracellular space, where it undergoes cross-linking to form elastic fibers. The cross-links in elastin provide the structure with the ability to stretch and snap back into place.

Role in Tissues

In the skin, elastin allows the skin to stretch and retract, maintaining its overall elasticity. In blood vessels, elastin contributes to the resilience and flexibility required for handling changes in blood pressure.

In summary, collagen provides strength and rigidity to tissues, while elastin imparts elasticity and the ability to stretch and recoil. Together, these proteins play crucial roles in maintaining the structural and functional integrity of various tissues throughout the body.


Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening

RF treatments such as Define/ Evoke use controlled heat to stimulate collagen and elastin production. These procedures are versatile and can target various areas of the body, promoting skin tightening without surgery.*

Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent technology such as CACI delivers low-level electrical currents to facial muscles, toning and lifting sagging skin. It is a non-invasive option to improve muscle tone and restore a more youthful appearance.*

Fractional Radiofrequency

Fractional Radiofrequency treatments such as Morpheus8 utilises a combination of micro needling and radiofrequency to target the deeper layers of the skin and outer layers for resurfacing, stimulating collagen production and improving skin texture. Fractional resurfacing is a popular choice for addressing sagging skin.*


Ultherapy utilises ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin.

Non-invasive treatments are safe when performed by qualified professional. It’s essential to consult one of our skin specialists to determine the most suitable option for your skin type and concerns.*


The longevity of results varies depending on the treatment and individual factors. While some treatments provide immediate results, others require multiple sessions for optimal and longer-lasting outcomes.


Most non-invasive treatments have minimal to no downtime. Clients can typically resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.


Combining treatments can enhance overall results. Here at Lisa Franklin we create a personalised treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals.

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