We are a leading aesthetic clinic looking after women and men of all ages and ethnicities. The treatments we offer work on skin condition which can be effected by diet, lifestyle and environmental pollution.

High performance

We nurture your skin health with performance treatments and the use of bioactive nutrient-rich ingredients to care for and treat skin in a preventative way to limit the principle signs of ageing and provide you with skin confidence. We focus on developing clean, healthy skin as a foundation for long-term health. 

We use effective treatment concepts that harness the latest aesthetic technology to trigger natural biological mechanisms backed by clinical evidence. Lisa Franklin champions the non-invasive and traditional hands-on methods.

In the heart
of Knightsbridge

The Lisa Franklin flagship Knightsbridge Clinic is located at 251 Brompton Road - a location seeped in history and meaning. Built in 1889 for The Working Ladies Guild which had been founded in 1877 with the aim of helping "necessitous gentlewoman" and encouraging them to develop their own skills and sell their work.

The work of the Guild included art needlework, china painting, poker work, tapestry and the making of trousseaux, layettes and servants outfits. The Guild's motto 'Bear Ye One Another's Burdens' is carved in the pediment above the entrance as you come in to visit us for your bespoke facial.

A sanctuary of
sublime comfort

For the interior design of the flagship Knightsbridge Clinic we wanted to draw inspiration from the local area. From the unique wall sconces to the chandeliers which include beautiful handmade glass horseshoe shaped pieces which are in homage to the Household Calvary Mounted Regiment who act as the King’s official bodyguard and ceremonial face of the army with their barracks and stables based in Knightsbridge since 1795.