Award-winning skincare expert, product developer and nutritionist

At Clinic Privé Lisa has created a space for ageless beauty - a place where no matter your age or skin condition you can achieve your cosmetic goals and restore and maintain skin health and vitality.

‘I have always been fascinated by crystals and in particular Rose Quartz with Its beautiful pink hue and ability to amplify energy and love’.

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Lisa's Skin Transformation Journey

As a leading facialist Lisa has witnessed first-hand increases in problematic skin and premature ageing associated with modern life which also included her own battle with Rosacea. This unique personal insight and hands-on knowledge motivated Lisa to find high quality cosmetic ingredients with substantiated efficacy to formulate products to treat all skin types and conditions and adopt these into her high-performance treatment protocols.

The result is the Lisa Franklin skincare product range - carefully formulated to deliver clinically proven actives, nutrients, and vitamins along with the energising and healing crystal, Rose Quartz which inspired and captivated Lisa from a young age. We are the first skincare brand to incorporate its many health benefits into all our products.

About Lisa Franklin

Healing & Energising Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz also imparts many skin health benefits by calming inflammation, releasing tension and supporting cell renewal - even the ancient Egyptians carved Rose Quartz into facial masks. You will discover this healing and energising crystal running throughout Lisa Franklin products and treatments.

Butterfly Mark Certified

We’re honoured to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury.

The Butterfly Mark is only ever awarded to the luxury brands meeting higher and higher standards for people and nature.

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