Pigmentation & Age Spots

Rejuvenate Facial

Rejuvenate – Endosphères Therapy – featuring Endosphères Therapy EVA. A facial for complete facial rejuvenation. Works to ensure tone, elasticity and shape whilst evening complexion and tackling dark circles and under eye bags.

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Dermalux LED Phototherapy

Light – Demalux Tri-Wave MD LED – LED Phototherapy is clinically proven to improve the signs of ageing, clear acne and accelerate healing of problematic skin.

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Ultimate Glow Peel

Using a combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to treat a wide range of skin concerns of pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles to dull and lacklustre skin.

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Clinic Privé Peel

Using a combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to treat a wide range of skin concerns of pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles to dull and lacklustre skin.

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Pigmentation Treatment London

At Lisa Franklin, we present an exclusive haven dedicated to enhancing your skin's natural radiance. With a keen focus on providing high-end pigmentation treatments, Lisa Franklin's clinic offers a transformative experience for those seeking comprehensive solutions for their pigmentation concerns. 

Let the expertise of the Lisa Franklin team guide you towards a rejuvenated, even-toned complexion, bolstering your confidence and inner glow.

At our clinic in London, we boast the finest pigmentation treatments tailored to your unique skin type and concerns. With an array of cutting-edge technologies and expert-led techniques, the clinic ensures that each treatment is meticulously customised to address individual needs. 

From laser treatments targeting specific areas to specialised skin peels, the clinic’s approach emphasises long-term results and a radiant, even complexion, setting the standard for pigmentation treatments in the bustling city.

Skin pigmentation refers to the natural colour of one’s skin, determined by melanin production. While the skin’s tone and colour may vary among individuals, pigmentation treatment specifically targets irregularities such as dark patches, sun damage, age spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This treatment aims to even out skin tone and texture, reducing the appearance of unwanted pigmentation and dark marks for a smoother, more rejuvenated complexion.



Targeted skin pigmentation treatments are specifically designed to address various skin pigmentation concerns effectively. Skin pigmentation refers to the natural colour of one’s skin, determined by melanin production, which can lead to the appearance of dark patches and skin discolouration. 

Through the use of advanced techniques such as laser treatment, chemical peels, and laser pigmentation removal, these targeted treatments aim to treat specific issues like sun damage, age spots, and uneven skin tone. Skin specialists conduct thorough initial consultations, taking into account individual skin types and medical history, to create a customised treatment plan that includes the use of active ingredients like vitamin C to significantly improve the skin’s texture and tone.

Whether it’s treating hyperpigmentation, melasma, or addressing concerns in darker skin tones, the treatments are carefully administered, ensuring a pain-free experience and post-treatment care to maintain an even, rejuvenated skin tone.

Whether dealing with excess production of melanin or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, these targeted treatments are designed to cater to various pigmentation concerns, from dark spots to larger patches, leaving the treated area looking flawlessly radiant.

The benefits of targeted skin pigmentation treatments at Lisa Franklin’s clinic encompass a comprehensive range of advantages. 

With a deep understanding of skin pigmentation and its complexities, the clinic’s laser treatments and chemical peels work in synergy to specifically target unwanted pigmentation and dark patches, effectively reducing skin discolouration caused by factors such as sun exposure and hormonal changes.

By addressing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and stubborn acne scars, the treatments facilitate an even skin tone, allowing for a visible reduction in the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin texture. As the treatments are meticulously tailored to various skin types, including darker skin tones, they promote not only skin rejuvenation but also a significant improvement in the skin’s texture and hydration levels, ensuring that even very dark-skinned individuals benefit from the specialised care provided.

Through the integration of active ingredients such as Vitamin C, the treatments aim to nourish the skin’s surface, facilitating the reduction of melanin production and fostering a renewed radiance that enhances one’s natural beauty. 

With a commitment to pain-free procedures and a specialised treatment plan developed during the initial consultation, the clinic ensures that each individual’s unique concerns are addressed, ultimately leading to a revitalised and confident sense of self.

Pigmentation Treatment FAQs

The number of treatments required varies depending on the specific pigmentation concern and individual skin type. During your initial consultation, our experts will devise a personalised treatment plan, detailing the expected number of sessions required for optimal results.

Lisa Franklin’s clinic ensures a comfortable and pain-free experience during all treatments. Advanced technologies and active ingredients are utilised to minimise discomfort while maximising the effectiveness of the procedure.


Following the treatment, our specialists provide a comprehensive post-treatment care regimen, emphasising skin hydration and the use of specific products tailored to your skin type. This regimen aims to maintain the results achieved during the treatment and foster long-term skin rejuvenation.

Yes, our clinic offers specialised treatments that cater to darker skin tones, ensuring effective pigmentation removal without compromising the skin’s integrity. Our experts possess extensive experience in treating a diverse range of skin tones, including very dark-skinned individuals.

Embark on a journey towards flawless, luminous skin with Lisa Franklin’s comprehensive pigmentation treatment offerings in London. Schedule a consultation today to discover the personalised solution that will unveil your skin’s natural brilliance.

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