Healthy Ageing


No need for needles

At the Lisa Franklin Clinic Privé flagship location in Knightsbridge, we believe everyone should be able to age gracefully whilst having it all; firm, radiant skin and a more lifted look. We believe we can achieve these results without the need for harmful and invasive fillers, injections or surgeries. We are proud to be effective but never invasive. 

We believe it’s time to educate the skin, not freeze it. All killer, no filler. This is healthy ageing – not anti-ageing.

“I’ve seen first hand the damage that fillers, injections and botched surgeries can do to the skin and natural beauty. I regularly work with patients to try to un-do the destruction it causes to healthy skin. More and more of our patients are ditching the needle as they experience negative results. There is nothing wrong with ageing. It’s a privilege to be able to grow old. At the Lisa Franklin Privé Clinic we help you grow old gracefully. To achieve natural results that can rival any injection or filler for truly healthy skin with lasting results. It’s time to re-educate ourselves on healthy ageing.”

Lisa Franklin, Founder & CEO

Join the healthy ageing revolution

Embrace natural beauty and move away from harmful injectables, fillers and surgeries that require expense and downtime.

Allow yourself to be the best version of yourself, naturally.