Love Yourself. Love Your Skin

Valentine’s Day is upon us. A time of love and romance where shops are overflowing with cards, chocolates and flowers. 

We think this should be a time for SELF love and SELF care. It’s been a difficult two years so why not be good to yourself this Valentine’s day. 

Here are 5 ways to show the ultimate self love to yourself and your skin. Turn them in to daily and weekly rituals to make sure you take time for yourself and help to achieve a year round glow. 


Yes, Valentine’s is perfect for champagne but make sure you are getting plenty of water. Hydration is key to healthy skin. Two litres of water a day is recommended as optimum for skin health. Trust us, your skin will love you for it. For added hydration, add the No.3 Hydrate + Regenerate serum in to your skincare routine. 


More and more people are dissolving their fillers, stepping away from tonnes of make-up and embracing their natural beauty. Give your skin time to breath. Instead of covering up your skin with make-up let your natural beauty shine through. The Sol-Protect Sunscreen SPF 30 in Tinted is the perfect way to provide just the right amount of coverage with all the benefits of moisturiser and sunscreen. 


Get kissable lips for Valentine’s day. Our multi award-winning LIPFX treatment increases volume, hydration and softness for kissable lips. Containing Portuluca Pilso’ ingredient AKA “Kiss me quick” which is clinically proven to visibly impact lip shape, volume, hydration and softness. Mimics hyaluronic acid injection by doubling its synthesis level. Noticeably plumper lips this Valentines. A safer alternative to lip fillers.


Valentine’s is the perfect time to enjoy some heart shaped chocolates. But do try to be mindful of the food, drinks and supplements you are putting in to your body. Diet is everything and is reflective in your skin. Love yourself as little more by ensuring your diet is complimenting your needs. Our unique DNA Genetic Testing service allows you to understand your personal DNA build and what food groups or supplements would work best for you. Or have a consultation with our Resident Nutritionist for a tailored food plan. 


They don’t call it Beauty Sleep for nothing. Ensuring you get good nights sleep is paramount for healthy skin due to increased oxygen levels. We recommend getting 6-8 hours a night to increase collagen production, leaving you with fresh and glowing skin. Try adding a few drops of our Light Body Oil into your bath or onto your skin, absorbing the calming essential oils will aid with sleep. Be sure to include the Night Renew Treatment during the night. This “liquid botox” is a slow releasing retinol that helps with anti-ageing and anti-acne.