Luminescent Base



A mattifying serum that illuminates, protects and creates a perfect base for makeup.
Product Details

Our unique serum plumps the skins surface Increases luminosity and provides a perfect canvas for makeup. it’s optical blurring actives instantly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, remodelling the skin surface for a smoother more even complexion.  This multi-functional protective formula limits the amount of UV radiation from penetrating the skin. Complementary to classical sunscreen our anti-oxidant rich serum calms inflammation and soothes skin sensitivity.

Size: 30ml
Open shelf life: 12 months

Key Ingredients

Diamond Powder is a micron-sized spherical powder enhanced with entrapped photo-luminescent diamond powder. Upon application to the skin, the diamond particles manipulate incoming light, converting UV light into beneficial blue light (photoluminescence) and scattering favourable blue and green light. These particles settle into wrinkles, offering a subtle blue glow that diminishes the visibility of wrinkles, thus providing a smoother appearance to the skin.

Ultra Filling Spheres™, crafted with advanced technology inspired by ancient Chinese medicine. Combining hyaluronic acid and konjac glucomannan, these spheres absorb water from the deep dermis, enhancing skin hydration and elasticity while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, providing a long-lasting, volumised, and smooth complexion.

Colloidal Platinum encapsulated within a spherical powder. This innovative combination facilitates the gradual release of platinum upon contact with skin with optimised soft focus, light diffusion, and wrinkle correction properties.

AuraSphere A™ offers line-blurring and wrinkle-filling benefits, along with a novel sensory experience, imparting a silicone-like cushion without cyclomethicone.

Gatuline® In-Tense MB is a natural-origin anti-aging active that strengthens the skin from within by stimulating fibroblasts’ biomechanical functions, resulting in increased firmness and elasticity. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin’s microrelief, and restore youthful appearance, it acts deeply in the skin’s matrix to provide visible results on both the face and body for firm, toned and rejuvenated skin.

Celligent®. This anti-stress ingredient for the skin helps restore its natural biorhythm, reducing light-induced stress symptoms, preventing DNA damage, reinforcing the skin barrier, and improving hydration. Powered by natural ingredients such as ethyl ferulate from rice and carnosic acid from rosemary, Celligent® is backed by scientific studies demonstrating its effectiveness in recalibrating circadian rhythm, restoring DNA repair mechanisms, and protecting against environmental stressors like UV and blue light.

Rose Quartz (Quartz), gently buffs away dead skin cells and impurities, revealing soft, fresh, and youthful skin. Its restorative and energetic properties enhance radiance, improve skin texture promoting a stronger more radiant complexion.

How To Use

Apply 2-3 pumps to clean, moisturised skin before makeup application or simply on its own

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Luminescent Base Reviews


  1. Susan

    Great makeup base blurs imperfections. I dropped one star as it didn’t give a luminous glow.

  2. Hannah

    Life saviour of a product. Really helped my skin that often becomes irritated

  3. Jenny

    Ordered it in time for current one using running out so haven’t started using just yet. Looking forward to trying.

  4. Joanna

    I adore this product. It glides on and makes for the perfect base alone or before makeup.

  5. Laura

    Wonderful product, This LB glides on and is silky smooth.

  6. Gill

    My must have product from this fabulous range

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