Pollution Defence Cream



A luxurious nutritional cream that hydrates, repairs and protects against ageing and environmental pollutants.
Product Details

Clinically proven to promote the skins natural lifting properties and aid hydration to reduce fine-lines and wrinkles and revive the skin for up to 48 hours. Energises dull-looking skin by improving skin radiance and luminosity. Strengthens skin from within, restoring firmness and smoothness. This elixir of youth will prevent premature skin ageing and increase firms and elasticity within the skin. Protects against skin damage caused by Electromagnetic Radiation from mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. Fights against Air Pollution by strengthening the barrier function and neutralising damaging free radicals. Limits the amount of UV radiation from penetrating the skin and promotes rapid cell regeneration after sun exposure, preventing future DNA damage. Removes and neutralises toxicity that may damage the skin structure.

Size: 50ml
Open shelf life: 12 months

Key Ingredients

MATRIXYL® Morphomics™ utilising Palmitoylated tripeptide to support the reduction of vertical lines, including frown lines, marionette lines, and crow’s feet, resulting in a visibly lifted expression. By influencing cellular and dermal morphology, it re-establishes and strengthens skin connections, promoting collagen fiber production and maturation for a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Elix-IR™ a knotgrass extract rich in flavonoids, shields the dermis from global sun damage, including UV and Infrared rays, enhancing firmness and diminishing wrinkles to combat premature skin aging. This innovative ingredient inhibits the enzyme cathepsin G, crucial in photoaging, ensuring improved skin elasticity and density, effectively reducing visible signs of aging caused by sun exposure.

Celligent®. This anti-stress ingredient for the skin helps restore its natural biorhythm, reducing light-induced stress symptoms, preventing DNA damage, reinforcing the skin barrier, and improving hydration. Powered by natural ingredients such as ethyl ferulate from rice and carnosic acid from rosemary, Celligent® is backed by scientific studies demonstrating its effectiveness in recalibrating circadian rhythm, restoring DNA repair mechanisms, and protecting against environmental stressors like UV and blue light.

Cobiodefender EMR containing Aqua (Water), Glycerin, and Glycogen. It serves as a specific anti-stress agent for skin, protecting against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) commonly emitted by electronic devices, aimed at reducing EMR-induced ROS increase, protecting against DNA damage and cell death. By neutralising oxidative stress, reducing ATP accumulation, increasing cytoprotective HSP70 expression, and preventing skin desquamation, it helps restore and defend the skin against the harmful effects of electronic pollution, promoting a healthier skin barrier.

Myramaze®, utilises extracts from the resurrection plant, Myrothamnus flabellifolia to protect skin cells from dryness, stabilise moisture and lipid barriers, and revitalise sensitive skin for over 48 hours. Scientifically proven to rehydrate dry skin, strengthen weakened barriers, reduce redness, and protect against oxidative stress and HEV light.

Gatuline® In-Tense MB is a natural-origin anti-aging active that strengthens the skin from within by stimulating fibroblasts’ biomechanical functions, resulting in increased firmness and elasticity. Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, smooth the skin’s microrelief, and restore youthful appearance, it acts deeply in the skin’s matrix to provide visible results on both the face and body for firm, toned and rejuvenated skin.

Radiancyl harnesses Maca Lepidium Meyenii Root Extract. Ideal for mature and prematurely aging skin, as well as lacklustre complexions, it boosts skin firmness and radiance while promoting skin health. Clinical tests demonstrate over 70% improvement in fibroblast growth stimulation, enhancing collagen synthesis and skin integrity.

Citystem™, featuring Marrubium Vulgare Extract provides a high concentration of phenylpropanoids, effectively countering pollution attacks while softening and refining skin texture. With proven anti-inflammatory properties, this ecologically certified ingredient repairs and strengthens the skin barrier, delivering noticeable results such as reduced blackheads, improved radiance, and purified complexion.

Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, offers a wealth of benefits for skin. It improves the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, reduces redness and calms irritated skin, and enhances moisture retention, resulting in a healthier more radiant complexion.

X50 Myocept contains Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-52, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Palmitoyl Heptapeptide-18 is designed to target skin neurons, offering an enhanced botox-like effect, reducing deep wrinkles, nasolabial lines, and frown brow wrinkles, while decreasing expression lines.

Rose Quartz (Quartz), gently buffs away dead skin cells and impurities, revealing soft, fresh, and youthful skin. Its restorative and energetic properties enhance radiance, improve skin texture promoting a stronger more radiant complexion.

How To Use

Apply 2-3 pumps to the face and neck after cleansing.

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Pollution Defence Cream Reviews


  1. Margarita

    I really like this cream! It is light yet very effective in helping to maintain my skin health

  2. Sarah-Jane

    Love this product.

    Protects my skin without even feeling I have anything on.

    Have used it everyday since the first day Lisa brought it out.

  3. Irene

    I love the pollution defence cream.

    I have tried so many moisturisers but this one feels the best. My skin feels not greasy but also not dry either and I have never had a problem with my skin since I started using it.

  4. Daniella

    Love this cream. So light on the skin!


    This is my go to moisturiser. I wouldn’t be without it.

  6. Sara

    I use this product daily and I have definitely seen an improvement in my complexion. My skin feels way more hydrated and I love using it in conjunction with the Clinic Privé serums and Luminescent Base for my daily routine. My work involves a lot of computer time, so I also like the fact that the cream is protecting me from blue light pollution.

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