Unlock the Power of the New BYONIK® Blue Laser


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the much-anticipated BYONIK® Blue Laser at Lisa Franklin London, SW3 2EP. This revolutionary advancement, backed by scientific evidence, is capable of accelerating your in-clinic treatment possibilities, whilst enhancing final result outcome via this unrivalled, patented method. The inclusion of the combined Blue Laser wavelength underpins our commitment to providing award-winning, instant and ongoing corrective results.

How the BYONIK® Blue Laser Works

The BYONIK® Blue Laser simultaneously combines Near-Infrared 808nm and Blue 450nm Laser wavelengths, to address various skin symptoms and concerns. Near-infrared penetrates deeper into the skin, promoting enhanced collagen and elastin production and supporting dermal cellular health, essential for maintaining a firm, youthful appearance and improving skin texture. This wavelength also aids in lymphatic drainage and enhances nutrient flow, which is crucial for skin rejuvenation and wound healing.

Whilst the 450nm blue light, is particularly effective against restoring a better skin balance and reducing bacteria and microbes. Thus, making it ideal for treating acne and other compromised skin conditions. This dual-action approach ensures that surface and deeper skin issues are addressed simultaneously, providing comprehensive treatment.

BYONIK® Blue Laser

Clinical Benefits and Applications of BYONIK® Blue Laser Treatment

The groundbreaking BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser, known for its ability to heal, repair, restore and regenerate, whilst tailoring its frequency to directly treat skin cells at every level, now includes a new combined Blue Laser Wavelength.

  1. Restoration of Damaged Skin: The BYONIK® Blue Handpiece is clinically proven to restore damaged, sensitised and blemished skin. The Blue Lasers broad spectrum antibacterial properties help repair compromised skin barriers, heal blemishes and accelerate skin healing. Treatment with the Blue Laser is ideally combined and helps to minimise potential irritation and downtime caused by more invasive treatments such as, Fractional RF, skin peels and skin needling.
  2. Rosacea and Redness – The BLUE Laser handpieces offer widespread bacterial neutralisation, repelling the Demodex Folliculorum Mites (even deep within the pores), as well as diffusing and preventing micro-inflammations at a cellular level. Ideal as an effective solution for Rosacea and Menopause reactive skins.
  3. Treatment of Hyperpigmentation and Dysbiosis: The combination of Laser wavelengths targets hyperpigmentation and dysbiosis, restoring the skin’s natural balance, biome and improving its overall appearance.
  4. Oxidative Stress and Impurities: The treatment reduces oxidative stress and impurities, leading to healthier and clearer skin.
  5. Dehydration and Skin Degeneration: The energy provided by the BYONIK® Blue Laser improves and restores hydration, helps improve skin cell telomeres and reduces signs of the skin ageing process, promoting a more youthful and vibrant appearance.
  6. Acne Treatment: The Blue Laser’s broad spectrum antimicrobial properties are highly effective in treating acne-prone skin, reducing breakouts, stopping the cycle and preventing future occurrences. Due to its no invasive approach, it is ideal for sensitive skin.
  7. Enhanced Absorption of Hyaluronic Acid: The BYONIK® Blue Laser enhances the absorption of the patented BYONIK® Hyaluronic Acid Gels used during the treatment. This synergy further boosts hydration and improves skin texture and elasticity.
BYONIK® Blue Laser

BYONIK® Laser Treatment at Lisa Franklin London

The inclusion of the BYONIK® Blue Wavelength is a game-changer in skin treatments as whilst it doesn’t rely on thermal or mechanical injury to get the best results, it has an unlimited ability to immediately heal and restore even the most distressed skins. Its multi targeted dual-wavelength technology, addresses a variety of skin concerns, from Acne, hyperpigmentation, Rosecea, volume loss, ageing and more.

We are super excited to have this type of advanced technology available at our clinic in central London. If you want to learn more about the BYONIK® treatment method, do not delay to contact us or book an appointment today.

With the BYONIK® Blue Laser, we can treat skin conditions while restoring confidence and enhancing your everyday life.