5 Skin Resolutions to Make Now

Change up your routine and feed your skin

Feed your skin 

After indulging over the Christmas period our skin can appear more tired and dull. It is vital to look at your diet at this time, ensuring you are loading up on all the antioxidant goodness. Lots of fruit and vegetables help to protect collagen and support the skin against environmental factors like pollution. Talk to one of our Resident Nutritionists for any health concerns or goals.

Change up your routine 

Now is a perfect time to start afresh with an effect skincare regime that works for you and your lifestyle. A key ingredient that works for all skin types is vitamin C.

Vitamin C is known for its skin brightening and boosting results. We recommend our No1 Serum, best applied in the morning followed by SPF.

Include Retinol in the PM

Retinol works by increasing the skin cell turnover, leaving you with a smoother, more youthful complexion. During the colder months this is even more beneficial as it helps to shift old, dead cells which can make skin look dull and sallow. The Night Renew Treatment is the perfect way to introduce retinal into your routine, it is slow release and encapsulated meaning it is non irritating and safe to use frequently. 

Lip Care

Lips can get particularly dry or chapped during the cold, winter months. Try to apply a lip balm regularly and don’t forget to go to bed without your lip balm or treatment to keep your lips moisturised, hydrated and nourished. Try our LipFX treatment which has a super handy exfoliating tip for that added TLC.

Invest in the best quality skincare for you 

Season to season our skin will change and require adapting or amending products or treatments. The new year is a great time to have your skin expertly assessed, discuss new skin concerns, current regime and any potential internal influences that may have an affect on your skin health. 

Our signature Repair Recover Renew facial includes a brief consultation prior to treatment, or for a more advanced session we offer a 45 mins in-depth skin consultation. 

Contact our reception team for more information.