Lisa Franklin’s Rosacea Saviours

Reduce the impact of this chronic and widespread facial disorder

April is Rosacea Awareness Month. A time to educate ourselves on the impact of this chronic and widespread facial disorder affects so many of us.

Award-winning facialist and skincare expert Lisa Franklin began developing her own skincare line after researching into how to deal with her own rosacea.  

Rosacea is characterised by flushing or redness, dilated blood vessels and small red bumps on the skin.  Most common in women, it tends to affect the T-zone area of the face. Triggers include alcohol, exercise, extreme temperatures, hot drinks, spicy foods and stress. It can also worsen with age, especially if left untreated.  But it’s not all bad news, Lisa has put together her at-home saviours kit to deal with any flare ups:

  1. Cool tools
    Rose quartz facial tools are ideal for skin conditions such as rosacea because it’s so cooling on the skin. It will regulate your skin and help instantly calm any redness, and for an extra cool hit try popping it in the fridge for 15 minutes before you use it. Discover the Rose Quartz LF Gua Sha.
  2. Heal from within
    Look for nutrients in your diet that help strengthen the immune system and guard against inflammation. High in carnosolic acid, rosemary helps combat free radicals (one of the main causes of DNA damage) and reduce rosacea flare ups.
  3. Treat your skin gently
    Avoid touching your face too much, cleanse with warm or tepid water and use cleansers and concealers developed for sensitive skin.
  4. Don’t forget your Sunscreen
    Apply products that help limit and protect against UV – the fragile capillaries of rosacea sufferers can be easily damaged by UV and Infrared, resulting in thread veins and reddened skin. Try the award-winning LF Sol Protect.
  5. The Pro Effect
    The Lisa Franklin Pro Effect Luminescent Base is a must for any rosacea sufferer’s makeup routine. Our award-winning mattifying serum contains both rose quartz and rosemary leaf extract to soothe, alongside many other nutrient-rich botanicals that help reduce inflammation and redness with a flawless, matte finish.